Magini’s Bikini’s started in 2009. A big passion for summer, deserted beaches, surf and bright colors were the inspiration to create comfortable and sexy bikinis. Influenced by the sweet fragance of the Indian Ocean, the exotic colorful flowers and the warm Bali weather, the first bikinis were designed. Nowadays, traveling around the world Magini’s Bikini’s achieved new influences: Japanese flowers, Hawaiian beaches, Costa Rica waves, Panamanian deserted islands…
Another advantage, you can personalize your style.
Magini’s is a beach clothes version of Magini’s Bikini’s, colorful, comfortable and elegant

mtw (magini’s teenie weanies) is the tropical underwear

Magini’s Bikini’s wants to be known for:
– Different models for different needs
– Mix & Match Colors and sizes
– Sexy cuts
– Selling separate pieces
Try something different and surprise yourself!!!!…. Sometimes it’s a challenge, but once you try, you will not regret!